About us

At Noah’s Ark Nursery School we pride ourselves on having a caring and experienced staff, who offer exciting, challenging and first hand experiences for children.

At the heart of all we do is an understanding of how children learn, we provide children with the time and space to explore and develop. We are an inclusive Nursery and support children to learn, progress and flourish taking into account their different needs and starting points. We believe children should be presented with a fascinating learning environment to explore and access independently with the support of interested and knowledgeable adults.

Our staff have extensive knowledge about how to support all of our children as individuals and are always building on our knowledge in partnership with families and other professionals.

It is important to us from the beginning that we build a close partnership with you.  We welcome you and your child for a stay and play session, we also offer a home visit. Your child will have a key person at Nursery. The key person builds a close relationship with you and your child. This person helps your child feel secure at Nursery and gets to know them really well. All of the staff are keen to share and celebrate your child’s progress and offer support during any difficult times you and your family may have.

We offer our children a stimulating environment to explore, both indoors and outdoors.  We feel that children should have the opportunity to return to experiences so they can deepen their learning.  Our children have genuine choices between experiences which are rich in potential for development and learning.

We want our children to be lifelong learners and to be willing to challenge themselves, take risks, be creative and be confident to try new experiences.